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List of Official Staff for ecRO with their informations and their community platforms. They are the people behind the scene to make the server alive and kicking!


GM Mizuki

Role: Empire Classic Senator

RO Experience: 2015-2023

Language Proficiency: English

Usual Location: Amatsu

Availability: Day Job Bounded, so likely not online as much as she can.

About Me: I'm big on cute stuff. So anything cute is justice. I have traversed the vibrant world of anime, loving intricate storylines and vivid characters since childhood. I would love to keep writing weird things for eternity!

Uwaaaaa! Everyone bullies me! But they love me too... I guess it balances out.


GM Nirvana

Role: Empire Classic Senator

RO Experience: 11 Years (barely as a player, usually a GM or Moderator)

Language Proficiency: English

Usual Location: Prontera

Availability: No specific in-game hours, on most the time, reachable fairly easily on discord

About Me: I love anime, writing unique RO events, and talking to players, aside from that I'm a Pharmaceutical Engineer who does research things and works with papers.

If everyone was a little nicer, borders would not exist!


GM Mizuhara

Role: Empire Classic Congress

RO Experience: 2009-2023

Language Proficiency: Tagalog/English

Usual Location: Prontera

Availability: 4PM - 12AM Everyday

About Me: Nothing much, just your everyday friend.

Being the best at the things I dont know.


GM Senny

Role: Empire Classic Congress

RO Experience: Around 10 Years

Language Proficiency: English/Malay

Usual Location: Anywhere With Player

Availability: After 6PM

About Me: An unfound jewel from omniscence.

Do always mind your business, however, if you see CATs, PET THEM. That's your business.



Role: Empire Classic Marketer

RO Experience: 15 years

Language Proficiency: English/Tagalog

Usual Location: Morocc

Availability: Always

About Me: I will make all your imagination into reality.

I'm going to make your dream into reality.



Role: Empire Classic Graphic Designer

RO Experience: 10+ years

Language Proficiency: English

Usual Location: Discord

Availability: Currently only taking sprite recolors/headgear sprite requests.

About Me: Hello, I'm Adel. I'm a graphic artist who creates custom content for my all time favorite game, Ragnarok Online.




Role: Empire Classic Graphic Designer

RO Experience: 6 years + RO Pixel Art Exp.

Language Proficiency: English (sometimes with the translator) / Brazilian Portuguese

Usual Location: Discord

Availability: Always @ Discord

About Me: Ragnarok Online Designer @ Moonyxel#5356

Actions are not worthless because they are not praised.

Staff Roles

Empire Classic Administrator
Entrusted with the lifeblood of the server, they spearhead all updates, patches, and changes, actualizing dreams for the gaming community.

Empire Classic Senator
Acting as the right hand of the Administrator, they promptly address urgent server issues and donation concerns, ensuring seamless operation.

Empire Classic Congress
Tasked with rule enforcement and orchestrating entertaining server events, they are ever-vigilant in-game, preserving the server's integrity.

Empire Classic Marketer
Custodians of the server's brand, they curate engaging videos and content for the Empire Classic's various social media platforms.

Empire Classic Graphic Designer
The architects of aesthetic brilliance, they craft visuals that captivate; sadly, their art is often coveted by GRF thieves.

Empire Classic Community Manager
Often moderating Discord, they defuse conflicts and maintain order, standing as regular players who uphold the rules in the absence of other staff.