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List of Official Streamers for ecRO with their informations and their community platforms. If you have what it takes, send us your applications to [email protected] and direct message any ecRO Staffs for confirmation in our discord.


Aichi Stream

RO Experience: 18 years RO Exp

Language Proficiency: English/Tagalog

Don't be afraid to jump to every open opportunity, You'll never know it might be the one.


Gpower Stream

RO Experience: I've been playing as a Lord Knight in the RO World ever since and it's been fun exploring and experimenting different kind of builds. Thrilling and excited to meet other players and learn from their experiences on whichever they want to teach me.

Language Proficiency: English/Tagalog

Experience is your best teacher, learn from it, live it, love it.


TL Gaming

RO Experience: Since 2008

Language Proficiency: English/Tagalog/Ilocano

If it's for you, it's for you


Papi Neo

RO Experience: 21 Years of Playing both Official and Private Servers. has played 30+ servers over the years

Language Proficiency: Fluent in Spoken and Written English. Filipino is Mother Tongue

Working Hard Beats Talent, but if you put them together and you'll achieve greatness


Xands Gaming

RO Experience: I'm still a newbie in RO but so far I enjoy it a lot and met so many friends already. I have years of experience in playing multiple MMORPG through in the past and started streaming since May 2021.

Language Proficiency: Filipino is my native tongue but I'm also fluent in English

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully.

EcRO Community Promotional Program


  1. You are welcomed to be our partner as long as you consistently follow our requirements below:
    • Face Camera is preferred but not required.
    • Stream Empire Classic as contracted.
    • Use our stream overlay on your streams.
    • Use microphone or any other communication options to interact with your viewers.
    • Does not spread any toxic or behaviour that could be damaging towards Empire Classic.
  2. Send the information listed below to [email protected]
    • Real Name
    • Advertisement Experience
    • About Me
    • Main Stream Page
    • Favorite Quotation (optional)
  3. Our content creators can receive the following benefits:
    • 10% Streamer Donation Code
    • Streamer Monthly Supply Box
    • Streamer Giveaway Box
    • Donation Rewards